(And there are many more besides!)

  • You will learn how to devise your trade mark 
  • The essential steps to ensure that you can use the mark
  • How to register and protect it
  • How to exploit multiple types of trade marks
  • The misconceptions regarding company names
  • Errors relating to domain names
  • How to use your branding to get free publicity
  • How to add value to your brand
  • A strategy to follow for expansion
  • Practical examples of trade marks in use
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You are empowered
You will learn how to go about devising your trade mark. The essential steps you need to take to ensure that you can use, register and protect it.  Read how easy it is to add value to your brand and use branding to get free publicity.

Practical not academic

Because Liam has “been there, done that” you are assured that this is not an academic lesson.  He saves you time, money and heartache by telling you what to do and what to avoid.  

Your direct route and lots of examples

You will benefit from knowing the direct route to creating a strong branding. All that you will read in this book is fully supported with a wide range of examples from real life experiences that illustrate each point.
You avoid dangers and get free PR
Shows how dangers can be avoided, businesses can be improved, find new angles for old business, and dream up new lines. Moreover, demonstrate how all this can be utilised to obtain publicity for the resulting business, product or service. Again, these claims are based on results he has achieved.

You learn how to commercialise

Many people have good ideas, products or services but do not have the ability to commercialise them and, in the absence of a worthwhile promotional fund, cannot obtain essential media exposure. Liam can!   Being the creator of brands and an inventor himself, he has "been there, done that" on all counts.

You gain from his proven experience
He has created and launched products on world markets.  He has marketed in half the states of the United States and also worked for the People’s Republic of China advising companies on how to develop products for the West and market them there.

This sums it up - Testimonial -Here's what Zara had to say about Liam: 

"As you know I am a bit critical when it comes to some of the training, partly I suppose because it is hard to gear training to all different levels. However Liam Birkett gave fantastic practical advice on the trademarking/patenting side…stuff I didn’t know about.  In addition his insights on branding and marketing positioning are top notch.

I have also already recommended him to other people I know in business who are selling directly to consumers as his knowledge and approach would be really, really useful for many. In my experience most good entrepreneurs are either good technology people or good at selling.  When it comes to branding and marketing generally entrepreneurs are hopeless.

In my opinion very few people “get it” as everyone is trained from birth to follow the rules and discouraged to think outside the box.  This is a great way to be if you are working in a factory delivering widgets or a number in a large co-operation but it is the opposite of what you need in order to succeed in business.  I’ve been on a ton of training courses over the years (including Dale Carnegie sales training)….most do not stand out in my mind…Liam, along with Guy Kawasaki (ex Apple) stand out as being the two most relevant and inspirational"

More Testimonials available....

The Request Came from you 

This book was written as a response to many requests made to me over my years associated with devising trade marks, creating brands and promoting the benefits of intellectual property.   The call came from clients, from readers of my articles, listeners to my radio contributions and especially from the many attendees at my seminars.

Entertaining and accessible

All these groups told me repeatedly that they wanted a more detailed record of what I had said or written. Time and again, people came to me saying that my approach was entertaining, easy to understand and that my delivery makes the subject matter accessible to everyone.

Relevant internationally

The general principles of intellectual property rights are similar internationally. This is because I P law has been largely been harmonised in the EU.
(There will always be exceptions to the general rule in some jurisdictions.)