Profile of Liam Birkett - Liam’s career began in office management then evolved into sales and marketing His experience extended into wholesale, retail, cash & carry, and consultancy on a national and international basis

He founded Bernardini, Birkett & Gardner Ltd, a design & marketing consultancy which, for more than 20 years was responsible for corporate identities and many marketing initiatives for blue chip companies as well as SMEs. This embraced branding as well as graphic and packaging projects for a long list of high profile clients. 

 His unique skill is to see matters from a design, marketing and sales perspective. Couple this with a comprehensive understanding of Intellectual property to generate a unique way of looking at existing or new business opportunities.

He shows how dangers can be avoided, businesses can be improved, find new angles for old business, and dream up new lines. Moreover, he can demonstrate how all this can be utilised to obtain publicity for the resulting business, product or service. Again, these claims are based on results he himself has achieved.

Because of his depth of knowledge in Intellectual Property (IP), acquired through progressing branding and patents on behalf of clients and himself, he was asked by the largest IP law firm on the island, to market that firm. The challenge was to make the subject matter interesting, attractive, relevant and meaningful to everyone!  

For seven years he was an intellectual property consultant with the firm recording outstanding results far exceeding everyone’s expectations. During this period he was regularly on radio, TV and in newspapers and magazines.  He is sought out as a pundit on such matters. He has been repeatedly asked back to speak to university classes, business groups and professional bodies both national and international


Icarus is an indigenous software services company established in 1988.    Icarus operates mission critical services on behalf of the Irish Government.   The Icarus service was responsible for transferring in excess of €3.1 billion of taxes and duty to the Revenue Commissioners in 2004.

Due to the ever-changing global market we operate in, the Company was faced with a significant change to its business model.  We have successfully used the services of Liam Birkett to help identify, dynamically brand, manage and exploit the intellectual capital vested in our organization to address this challenge.   His sales and marketing expertise has assisted us to improve competitiveness and increase market share.
Liam has demonstrated an ability to guide and motivate individuals across our organisation.   This helped us define and communicate a clear and unified message to our customers thereby improving customer care and gain new business.   All Icarus staff have become salespeople!   I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Stephen F. Tracey
Managing Director

2 St. John's Court,
Santry, Dublin 9. Ireland

Scottish Enterprise

Seminar/clinics –Edinburgh/Glasgow

I am writing to thank you Liam and to say how delighted we were with the branding session and the clinics which followed them.  The companies which attended were treated to a real insight into how branding could help their business and how the safeguarding and exploitation of their intellectual assets was essential to their future success. 

Your delivery style demystified this whole process and entertained as well as informed.  Those attending the clinics were able to bring all this home to their own businesses and aspirations.  They appreciated not only your input at the sessions but also the follow up which you undertook on their behalf. 

Iain Russell
Chief Executive

Forus Training

I first contacted Liam through a recommendation. My purpose was to get some guidance on intellectual property matters, but came away with much, much more. I now have a number of expertly branded companies: Forus Training - a recruitment company, Forus Recruitment and a new company, Cleanpass, - delivering a multi-layered hygiene course designed for support workers in healthcare.   This has a highly praised international content and imagery.
From the outset, Liam Birkett stretched me, and my colleagues to achieve more - more sales, more recognition and exposure than we ever thought were achievable. His philosophy is to teach you to fish and not give you fish. Rather than have us rely on his insights and wisdom he has infused my organisation with birketness. Liam imparts his skills by way of practical examples from his years of experience and through telling stories of how he achieved success for others.
Liam injects enthusiasm and energy into our projects. He finds what the calls the "soft spots", the things to say and do. Ways of structuring your communication that ensures customers will invest in your product or service. We can now write compelling press releases and give "slam dunk" presentations. We have, with CLEANPASS, and its sub brands, created a range of world-class protected branded products. This, because of the way it is packaged, got the attention of the Minister of Health, and led to a meeting with her.   All of this as a result of Liam’s help.

Liam gives un-compromising attention to getting it right.  He has media savvy and experience in spin that are second to none. I now know why some advertising/marketing works or does not work. How correctly communicated messages will win the hearts and minds of my customers. Thanks to Liam's guidance I no longer waste column inches. In-fact I've now discovered how to, and have, accessed free front page coverage.
Liam's -never say never, can do, glass is full to the brim and overflowing attitude, has encouraged me no-end. It has put my companies and products on the road to definite success.

Lisa O Connell
Managing Director
Forus Training

Flynn Bros Joinery

Earlier this year Flynn Bros Joinery Ltd. engaged Liam Birkett to help us streamline our brand/marketing strategy.   He has taken us from having a very fragmented image and approach to having a plan for a uniform image across vans, stationery, brochure and web.   This imagery is being rolled out now.

We now have a much improved web site with messages that get results.   We have a brochure that is making a big impact with potential customers and is helping to close business.   We have a marketing action plan that will serve us well for the next 2 to 3 years and beyond.

The most important part of Liam’s input is that we know what to do and how to do it.   Armed with this knowledge we now market our business with confidence.   Even now,
in a very shaky economy, we are getting great results from our marketing activities.

I have no hesitation recommending Liam to any business.

Pat McLoughlin
Sales Director
Flynn Bros Joinery

West Cork Enterprise Board

The West Cork Enterprise Board in its role to foster, develop and grow indigenous micro enterprise asked Liam Birkett to deliver an Ideas Generation Roadshow across 5 West Cork towns. Liam presented these to over 100 owner/managers/entrepreneurs from a variety of enterprises and sizes, and then worked with over thirty entrepreneurs in confidential meetings, in five locations.

We were delighted with the results. He delivered way beyond our expectations. We thought he would turn up and deliver the workshops, but he made himself available to meet with people throughout the day, working at a phenomenal pace. The feedback from anyone who sat in on the workshops or came to one of his 1 to 1 confidential clinics was extremely positive. Many felt that they had encountered a brick wall before they met Liam. He helped them overcome any obstacles that were in their way, by looking at the problems from a different perspective and by turning these into opportunities.

Liam, with his down to earth, practical style, occupies a niche often ignored but extremely important to the successful development of new businesses. The experience of the Enterprise Board is that many people come to it when it is too late. This is why Liam was requested to assist. It has been our experience that many people come looking to carry out feasibility studies, or to make an investment in a new businesses or concept, but are not quite sure what it was they want to do or how to go about it.

He also demonstrates the importance Patents, Trademarks & Copyright can play in creating value for, and protecting, a business. He shows how these are used as very powerful sales and marketing tools, and goes beyond the talk by actually creating ideas and offering invaluable advice that can be used to put a business on a solid footing.

Liam tapped into the latent talent and entrepreneurial spirit of the West Cork region where, as he said himself, good ideas abound. He helped kick start many businesses, and laid the foundation for solid economic growth and business success. His creative thinking and novel approaches provided many people with the inspiration and competitive difference they sought. And this he did with ease and boundless amounts of good humour, not over a period of months or even years, but in 5 short days.

Martin Wiseman
Business Adviser
West Cork Enterprise Board

Bandon, Skibbereen, Castletownbere, Clonakilty, Bantry

UCD College of Business and Law

I have known Liam Birkett for over twenty years, from the time he was a partner in Bernardini, Birkett and Gardner a communications company, to his time working in the area of marketing and business development for law firm F R Kelly & Co, to his current status as an independent consultant working in the areas of intellectual property and business development.

Two years ago I invited Liam to contribute class sessions to students doing entrepreneurship in the BComm. and MBA programmes.  He was asked to address the topic of Intellectual Property.  This has been a huge success and is continued each year.

The content of Liam’s presentations is excellent.  He really knows and understands the areas so well, from both a legal and marketing perspective, and this is so unusual.  He has a wonderful ability to simplify the content and the processes involved in doing it, and in doing so he draws on the many examples of products and services he has created.

In addition to his knowledge of IP, Liam is also excellent and very experienced in the areas of branding and marketing.  He is a very creative and innovative person and is full of invaluable insights drawn from a wealth of experience as a brand creator and inventor.

I have sat through many of Liam’s classes and it is a privilege to be there and experience it.  Not only is the content really good, but he is an excellent communicator and he generates enormous enthusiasm and interaction from the class participants.  Everybody wants more and he makes a very lasting impression.  Liam very definitely has that “star” quality, which is so rare among lecturers and communicators.

I am very pleased to be able to recommend Liam to any organisation looking to use his services.  Very quickly it will find that he is so full of ideas that can very quickly be translated into productive action.  This is an opportunity not to be missed.

Yours sincerely

Frank W Roche MAgrSc., MBA, PhD. 
Berber Family Chair of Entrepreneurship
Deputy Principal UCD College of Business and Law

Pitman Training

We are the Pitman Training franchise holder for Co.Kerry.   Our objective is to sell training courses to all potential users in our catchment area. We were fortunate to meet Liam Birkett, at the outset, to assist in the formulation of our planning and approach to marketing our business in our region.   His insight and experience was invaluable resulting in a much more structured, focused and professionally executed sales messages.   He helped us identify and segment the various sectors we wished to pursue and then customised the sales pitch to suit each target market.   In addition, he guided us from initial contact right through to the actual closure of the sale.

The fruits of our efforts are clear to see. Out of the 12 Pitman franchisees that cover the country, we have won the accolade for Continuing Highest Average Value.   Tralee also recorded Best Overall Improvement against last year being up 180% year on year.  We ran a specially devised small direct mail campaign which generated a remarkable return.  We repeated the same campaign two months later targeting a larger audience and increased our sales by 55%. As a consequence we beat Dublin in total sales. Our business is now firmly established and secure.

These campaigns were run during the summer months, a period that is supposedly meant to be our off-season. Liam had earlier recommended that those months should therefore be our most active in respect of marketing activity, not the slackest.    The strategy and figures speak for themselves.  We have developed a proven system for converting enquiries to sales with predictable and scalable results.

We continue to work with Liam devising more ways to grow the business through innovative marketing, P R and forging relationships with kindred enterprises.

David Barton
Pitman Training
Tralee, Co.kerry.



Again a great session and excellent feedback. We are ascertaining numbers for one-on-one sessions and will be in touch to scheduled as soon as possible.

Patricia O'Sullivan, Manager 


Liam, Thank you very much for a super session. You sent them home with something to think about and to smile about.
I had 15 forms completed. All 15 gave you 5/5 and many commented positively on your talk in the general comments and I can guarantee you their standards are high! If they don’t like a speaker, they tell me!

Eunan Cunningham
Regional Manager